birthday dinner

Last night, M took me to dinner for my birthday. We went to Bar Americain, which is one of Bobby Flay's three restaurants in New York. We had just finished our starters when Bobby Flay himself walked through the door into the restaurant. He went into the kitchen and was talking to the chefs, and then greeted a few people at tables in the restaurant. There was a Tennessee congressman in the restaurant, according to the host, and he spent a little time at that table.

We watched him working around the kitchen (it's an open kitchen) throughout dinner. The food was amazing, we had good wine, and shared caramel whiskey eclairs for dessert - fabulous. It was very enjoyable, and an added bonus to watch Bobby Flay in action. My guess is that he goes to a different one of his restaurants each night when he's in New York. I asked M to tell him it was my birthday and ask him to come wish me a happy birthday. Not surprisingly, he wasn't up for that! I guess I can't blame him.

However, after we finished eating, the host said he was very approachable when he was in the kitchen. I went over and introduced myself and told him how much we enjoyed his restaurant. He was friendly and thanked me. All in all, a great experience and a fun way to spend my birthday!


maresi said...

mmmm, I love me some Bobby Flay! Good times!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the cavern it put in my pocketbook though.

armalicious said...

Hi! I saw you over on Johnny V's site and thought I would come over. Welcome to blogging!

You got to see Bobby Flay? And meet him? My friend would be mad jealous. What a great birthday! And caramel whiskey eclairs sound so good! I've been throwing around ideas to open a pastry shop and that has given me another recipe idea!

armalicious said...

Also, happy birthday! Yours was the day before my mom's!

Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, thanks for the link!


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