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My aunt requested in the comments of my last post to hear about my evening at the Rainbow Room. M and I had the opportunity to go a few weeks ago for a dinner & dancing event; it was an end-of-summer party organized by M's employer.

The view was amazing from up there on top of Rockefeller Center. The buffet food, including dessert, was delicious. There was a talented jazz ensemble. I wore a fancy cocktail dress and M wore a suit. We ate and drank and chatted with M's co-workers.

We did not dance. The two or three couples on the dance floor were extremely talented and nobody else seemed willing to join in; we didn't either. I enjoyed myself, though, and it's nice to be able to say I've been to the Rainbow Room!


armalicious said...

I must say that I am a tad jealous that going to the Rainbow Room and Rockefeller Center is something that is easily accessible to you! Visiting NYC is one of my goals before I turn 30.

It sounds like you had a great evening, though...dancing or no dancing.

Elena said...

You have a blog now! Now I can respond to all of your wonderful comments.

Thanks for your amazing insights and your support.

I'm excited to read about you regularly!

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