family bonding

I had a fabulous, hilarious, relaxing, precious, bonding weekend with my cousins. My only complaint is that it was too short. I miss them all already. Every time I see them, I realize how much I truly miss them. I can't wait until we all get together again!

Family is so important. If the painful loss of my brother, my grandmother and my nephew over the last year and a half has taught me anything, it is that family is everything. I'm extra lucky though, because all but less than a handful of my best friends and closest people are family. They're people I would choose to be with even if I weren't related to them. It makes it extra easy to put family first when they are such fun, caring, wonderful people.


maresi said...

ack! I just love you so much. what a lovely discovery this blog was today. you do whatever you want with it.
january won't come soon enough!

Ma Ma to 3 said...

I am glad you have decided to blog. Even though I am only related by marriage..I still love you! We all miss you dearly! Melody talks about your wedding out of the blue all the time. She had a fabulous time as did we all. Hope to see you soon!

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