Today, if you asked me how my day was, the answer wouldn't be positive. I would probably use words like annoyed, frustrated, mad. It's not because I had too much to do at work, or because I'm tired, or I want to go home already (all the usual suspects), and it's not even because it's pouring rain and I've been wet and cold all day. No, none of those things. Let me explain.

This morning, when I arrived at work, I placed my lunch, leftover pasta and a can of Coke, in one of the two communal refrigerators. At 1:00 when I went to retrieve my lunch and heat up the pasta, the can of Coke was missing. Gone. Stolen. Someone took my soda and drank it. To be honest, I feel violated.

Not only that, but the soda machine is broken, so I couldn't even buy a replacement can of soda. And I was in the middle of something with no time to leave the office to get one. So I ate my lunch without it. Meanwhile, some thief, somewhere in this office, was drinking my Coke. I hope it tasted bitter with regret and remorse.


armalicious said...

Ugh...I hate it when people take things out of common fridges like that when they know it's not theirs!

maresi said...

not only bitter and full of remorse but I hope it tasted like Pepsi. Flat Pepsi. what an asshat.

Anonymous said...

Your office isn't the only place that happens to. Yes, Sterling Engineering, in lowly, sleepy old Barkhamsted is a home to lunch thieves also!

I had a box of Hot Pockets (2 individual Pockets) in the freezer and not even at lunch time, but at 10 O'Clock break, it was GONE!!

The thief even threw the box and wrappers into the freshly emptied trash can right there. Nothing else in the can but MY box and wrappers.

Now my frozen lunches stay in my cooler with ice packs.

Amy said...

That's smart, Peter.

Today, I brought my lunch again, only this time I took a couple of more cautionary measures. I wrote my name on the can of soda with permanent marker. I also put my sandwich, chips and the soda in a grocery bag and put the whole bag in the fridge. We'll see if that thwarts the thief.

maresi said...

it was probably chip who took those hot pockets. I'd keep your eye on him if I were you.

ha ha ha.

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