As you may have noticed, I have been absent from my blog for a little while. I've been very busy! Last Sunday, my mom arrived into Port Authority on the bus, to spend the week with M and me. She took a week-long seminar in midtown and stayed with us. While pesky things like work and seminars got in the way during the day, we really enjoyed spending time together in the evenings. She learned the subway system, and even commuted back to our apartment by herself 3 nights, including switching trains.

Mom and I went shopping in Herald Square, and we went to the top of 30 Rockefeller Center, to see all of Manhattan and out into the boroughs and New Jersey, including a magnificent view of Central Park. We poked around some shops, including a sheet music store with lots and lots of piano music. She and M and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Bobby Van's Steakhouse. We had a wonderful week.

On Friday, my dad arrived for the weekend. Friday night, the four of us went to dinner at a small trattoria in the theater district, and then to see Spamalot. I highly recommend it! It is very funny, and they did a great job of adapting Monthy Python and the Holy Grail to stage.

If you think that sounds like a fabulous week, you're right! But it doesn't end there. On Saturday morning, M's parents, his sister, and her husband arrived. All eight of us went to Yankee Stadium so everyone could see the stadium before they tear it down after next season. And more importantly, to watch the Yankees lose (well, except for M and his brother-in-law, rooting for the Yankees)... unfortunately, it didn't quite happen that way. First up was the rain delay, postponing the game from 1:05pm to a little after 2:30pm. Fortunately, we were in the nosebleed seats, with a roof over our heads.

When the game finally started, it was quite slow. An hour and a half into the game, it was still in the third inning. Around 5:30, when our 8:00pm dinner reservation was looking threatened, and the game hadn't gotten any more exciting, with the score 3-2 Yankees, we opted to leave early. Upon our arrival back to Jersey City, we discovered that the game was now tied 11-11 in the 7th inning! Apparently, we left at the wrong time. In the end, the Yankees won 12-11. However, in happier news, the Red Sox won that day and are now guaranteed the playoffs!

The group of us then had a lovely dinner at South City Grill, where we all overate and generally enjoyed ourselves. Everyone headed home yesterday, and we were sorry to see them go. As much as we love living here, it is hard to be far away from family. We are so thankful when they come and spend time with us here.


Ma Ma to 3 said...

Wow..it sounds like you all had such a great time! We really need to make plans to come down for the day atleast to visit with the family. I haven't been to NY since high school and the kids have never been. Maybe closer to the holidays! I have always wanted to see the most famous Christmas Tree!!! Hugs! OH and just so you know..Melody talks about your wedding all the time. I think she may remember it for the rest of her life. :)

maresi said...

go red sox. booooooooo yankees.

can't WAIT till january when you can show US the town!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! I like that we out here in the Midwest can live vicariously through your blogs about living in NYC!

Liz said...

I didn't know they were tearing down Yankee Stadium! That makes me sad. I've only been there once.

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