When I was in college, and G was a senior in high school, we decided to try snowboarding. I was home on winter break, and we were bored. Each of us learned to ski at a very early age (around 5) and had always been skiers. G, being the daredevil and the fearless one, was a much more advanced skier than I was. Don't get me wrong, I can hold my own, but I've never had the speed and expert skill that he had. We wanted to go skiing, but it never failed that we'd get annoyed with each other when we went skiing, because we were always on different levels. Neither of us had ever tried snowboarding before, so we thought that might even the playing field.

We were right. We went to Ski Sundown (they actually have a website - who knew?!) and rented snowboarding equipment. We spent an entire day on the bunny hill and the beginner hills. It was an hour or two before we could reasonably get down the bunny hill without rolling head over feet at least partway. It was after lunch before either of us felt brave enough to try and board the chairlift at the beginner hills. We took each other out countless times trying to get on and off the lifts and probably some other people, as well.

We probably spent at least half the day sitting on the ground re-buckling our feet into the board straps, rolling or sliding down the hill or falling in a huge tangle. There is something counterintuitive about turning your feet and body sideways and aiming down the hill. Our feet just insisted on aiming straight down the hill. I suppose that had something to do with our years of skiing. We were both bruised and sore and hurt for about a week after that.

It was completely worth it. I don't think I have ever laughed quite so hard before or since.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool, sweet memory.Auntie J.

Unknown said...

that sounds like EXTREEEEEMME fun!

maresi said...

that's a great story! I'm wondering if your laughs at me after the "the lost city of atlantis incident of 2008" might come in 2nd?

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