i love you, mr. chocolate

I am eating the most amazing thing right now. Chocolate covered Peeps. Who knew Peeps could get even better? And who knew there was a way to make them taste good when they're fresh? As opposed to stale and hard as a rock, which is normally the only acceptable and delicious way to eat them. This amazing place where they make all kinds of chocolate by hand on the premises is one block from my office. Not good.


maresi said...

that would be the only way to be able to enjoy them in Florida. It never gets dry enough around here to properly stale-ify the peeps. I haven't had a good stale one in AGES. I am so glad that we have this love in common - add it to the list!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! I am headed to the store right now to find me some chocolate covered peeps! I am so excited... thank you so much for sharing your new find with the world!


Anonymous said...

Peeps come chocolate covered!? Clearly I haven't done my Easter basket shopping yet!

Amy said...

Gah! You can order online. Must! Step! Away! From! The! Laptop!

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