on giving thanks, peeing in pools and watching animals fight for survival in africa

Since I apparently have nothing to say lately, today I will point you to some links that may interest or entertain you. This way you will at least find something to see and you won't have clicked over here in vain (all 6 of you).

Check out a thought-provoking video and website by a person who wanted to find a way for the general public to thank any military you may come across in your travels or daily lives. (Disclaimer: please do not consider this a statement for or against the war. This is merely an excellent way to thank the men and women who deserve our support whether or not you support the war.)

Anyone remember the Jamie Kennedy Experiment? I never really watched it but this clip from the show is absolutely hilarious.

If you haven't seen video of the Battle at Kruger yet, you absolutely must (just go to the site and then click Video on the left side, then click See the Video to watch it). It is an amazing and awe-inspiring battle between lions, buffalo and a crocodile, filmed in South Africa at Kruger National Park. The website also has more information and background on the story. I promise every second of the 8 minute video is 100 percent worth your time.

A New York City waiter anonymously writes a blog called Waiter Rant. He's funny, talented, and writes sometimes hilarious and sometimes interesting and thoughtful posts about his job. I've read the entire archives and enjoyed it very much.

Last but not least, how could I post an entry full of links and not link to my two favorite videos ever?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! I'm off to Boston in a few hours. Go Sox!


Anonymous said...

I have to say I have gone through and read all of the Waiter Rant blog and love it! Thanks for pointing it out to us! That guy is hysterical!

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