M and I just finished a whirlwhind weekend with my parents and my cousin's two sons, I & D. My parents came for the weekend and brought them. We rode the Shark, we saw the New York City Waterfalls, we went to Toys R Us in Times Square, we went out for dinner, we went to the Bronx Zoo, we went swimming and we played the Wii! We had so much fun and I was so happy to have some time with the kids. I don't see them nearly often enough and it was great.

They left from the Bronx Zoo yesterday afternoon, and we took the train back to Manhattan to catch the PATH train to Jersey City. When we got to the subway stop in the west village to get out and walk to the PATH train stop, we came out of the station and were immediately confronted with the end of the gay pride parade. It was crowded like Times Square in the middle of summer tourist season. It took forever to get across streets and get to the PATH station, and when we got there, we were faced with a wall of people and the cops told us the station was closed. So we had to walk back in the direction we came from and then up to 9th St to catch the train at another station. It added about an hour to our trip back. And the parade had just ended -- so we had to fight the INSANE crowds and didn't even get to see any of the parade! Maybe we'll go next year.

I'll leave you with a link to a slideshow I received in email from my aunt this morning. Please look at it here. I think we are all aware, to some extent, of the danger of plastic bags and other plastic garbage interfering with animal and plant life. However, this illustrates it quite well and gives some statistics I hadn't seen before. M and I use one of those metal shopping carts, sort of like this, so we only put small things that would slip out of the cart in bags. Everything else we just put back inside the cart without bags. We only use one or two plastic bags per shopping trip. But this makes me want to get a few cloth bags to have on hand for that small stuff.


maresi said...

I have seen that slideshow too - we mainly use paper, and then reuse them at the store or use them as garbage bags in the kitchen - we don't even have a garbage can in there anymore. I will have them put meat in a plastic bag at the store, but that's it. Although some dummies hear me say "single paper bags, please" as "place everything in plastic bags, and then into paper bags." All our spare plastic bags go to Henry's preschool for them to use to dispose of dirty diapers.

Sorry you missed the parade... we had a whopper of one here in town, too. And your weekend with I & D and ML & C sounds awesome. I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT until our upcoming weekend!

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