conversation i just overheard

I heard the following conversation from the other side of my cube wall:

Guy #1: Why would you move to Staten Island?
Guy #2: To get away from the ghetto!

Guy #1: What are we doin later?
Guy #2: (silence)
Guy #1: Aw, you’re married.
Guy #2: Yeah. But I left the ring at home today, though.
Guy #1: Yo, she let you take it off?

And right after that, they got quieter. Just when it got interesting!

The 2nd installment of pictures from California coming later today when I get home from work. And soon, an update on the plastic bag situation.


maresi said...

As if there was absolutely nothing else to do in NYC other than go chick-hunting... puzzling, truly puzzling.

What a BUMMER, his wife MAKES him wear his ring day after day! How AWESOME of her to LET him take it off for once!

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