photographic evidence

I am leaving tomorrow for another cousins' weekend! Slightly modified due to the fact that is is also the weekend of another cousin's wedding. I am quite literally bubbling over with excitement for this weekend, and I can't tell you the last time I felt that way. I will be back next week with part two of the California trip (see below for part one).

In the meantime, I present to you photographic evidence of the prominent location of my A Chorus Line decorative plate:

As you can see, it has been displayed in my apartment, above the TV, right next to the dead flowers I haven't thrown away yet. I will now take it down, pack it back up, and bring it with me to pass along to the next victim lucky owner.


Elena said...

It's lovely. :P

maresi said...

Oh, the photo simply doesn't do it justice. If only I believed it had been on the mantel as long as those flowers have.

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