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I am in! For now, at least. My audition with the wind ensemble director wasn't very good. I chose music that was a bit too challenging for me right now. I had a good handle on it at home, but neglected to factor in the nerves that would take over as I auditioned for the first time in years. However, the director could see that I used to be good. He saw my desire to play. He did not mince words when he told me I am rusty and that he would be seating me last chair, next to a freshman trumpet player and that I wouldn't be much better, if at all, than that freshman trumpet player. He said that I would make 6 trumpets, and that he ultimately wants only 5. He told me someone will be cut, and that it may or may not be me. He expects a lot of growth from me.

It was all exactly what I needed to hear. Half an hour after that audition, I rehearsed with the wind ensemble. I had a blast. I didn't mind playing last chair at all. I fit right in, kept up easily with the group and enjoyed myself immensely.

The group's second rehearsal was last night, and I was upgraded to 4th chair and 3rd trumpet (instead of 4th) on the piece we rehearsed. It's a difficult piece (Johan de Meij's Lord of the Rings symphony) and I'm thankful that I played part of it in college. I sight read the 3rd trumpet part and did pretty well with it.

This wind ensemble is exactly what I need right now. It's at a high enough level where I feel like I will be challenged to improve but it's not so out of my league that I will struggle to keep up. It has given life back to my playing. I have felt exhilarated and motivated after both rehearsals and I am practicing every day.


maresi said...

HUZZAH!!! GO A!!! I'm so proud of you, and so is your goddaughter. She just burped in her excitement over your excellent news. I am so glad you're experiencing this joy from a creative place and that you are feeling so fulfilled. I LOVE YOU!

Thais said...

that is so so exciting!!!! Im sure you will be so awesome---you are an awesome trumpet player!1 Please tell me when you have a concert so we can come!

Katherine said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I'm super excited for you (and somewhat jealous) that you get to play such fun and challenging music. I get to hear beginners all day long... ;) Hope you're having fun!

Elena said...

A, that's great! I knew you'd find your love and passion for playing music again. Good luck with the ensemble; I know they'll decide they can't let you go.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What a GREAT experience - that "Lord of the Rings" Symphony is a pretty substantial test of any ensemble. I am more than thrilled that you have found this group - and that they have found you! I'd say that its a classic win-win. Next time you are home, let's play some duets!
- Your first trumpet teacher, W

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