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So, first of all - new design! This is step one in launching the new site, which hopefully should be happening within the next couple of days, at least in an interim version. Once it's up, blogger will re-direct you from this site to the new one.

Also, two new things coming up! First, I have committed to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this year, which means for the month of November I will be posting something every single day. This doesn't mean I'm promising substantive writing every day - some days it may just be a photo - but there will be something here every day. And second, the anonymity will be coming off this blog as of tomorrow! Sort of. I'll be using first names instead of those annoying initials. My dear husband has agreed to allow his full first name to be printed here! But that's all for November and the new site. For today, on with business as usual.

This morning when the alarm went off, M and I were both too tired and we reset it for a half hour later. When we got up, we had to rush out the door because M had an email about some work he had to hurry in for. We didn't eat breakfast, and I left the house hungry and in a foul mood, expecting huge crowds on the train because of the time.

The WTC (World Trade Center) train pulled in, almost empty. It was a quiet ride in, and I read my book in peace. When I got out of the station on this side, there were two guys from Fresh Direct giving away free apples along with fliers advertising discounts on food for corporate events. My mood had lifted considerably, but the apple wouldn't be enough for breakfast, so I ducked into a deli to grab something else. The deli had little containers of sliced strawberries (my favorite!) this morning instead of the mostly-dried-out-melon mixed fruit they usually have. And behind the counter, the friendly guys wrapped up my salt bagel (also my favorite!) and cheerfully tossed it up in the air over to me. Though I eat breakfast at home almost every morning, they are now starting to recognize me in there, and they wished me a cheerful good morning on my way out the door. Yay (or should I say, Huzzah!) for nice people to help me start my day on the right note.

Happy Halloween!


Elena said...

Nice new design! It'll be nice to hear from you so often this month. I think I might do it too...

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