election day

Unless you've been living in an isolated hut in the middle of the uncharted wilderness of the rainforests for the last year, and hell, maybe even if you have, you probably know that tomorrow is election day. Please remember to do your part and go vote. If you are registered but aren't sure where your polling place is located, Google Maps has this handy little tool to help you find it. Just type in your home address and it will tell you where to vote.

I learned today that you can be banned from your polling place if you are electioneering -- meaning not only carrying signs or literature, but even if you are wearing a candidate's t-shirt, button, or hat -- you can be banned.

Be aware that unprecedented crowds are expected to turn out this year, so you may have to wait in long lines. Remember that the polls open at 6:00am, and close at 8:00pm, but if you are in line by 8:00pm, you have the right to vote. It doesn't matter whether you are inside the building. As long as you are in line by 8:00pm, you have the right to vote. Don't let anyone turn you away. Also, if for some reason your name isn't in the book, you have the right to request a provisional paper ballot. If there is an error, you have the right to be sure your vote is counted. Fill out the ballot. They will verify that you are registered and count your vote.

Mike and I will be in line first thing tomorrow morning. I hope that the crowds live up to expectations here and all over the country. Voters have registered in record numbers over the last few months, and I hope they turn out tomorrow. Show up, and let your voice be heard. It is your right and your responsibility.

I won't use this space to shove my candidate down your throat, because I know a lot of you won't take well to that. I will just leave you with this lovely picture I happen to like very much. Happy voting!


Elena said...

What a lovely picture! *wink*

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