Gregory and Mamie

My computer still isn't working, so you'll have to wait for the crazy picture of my cat. However, I now have Mike's laptop to use, so I was able to at least get to my online photo albums. This is one of my favorite pictures. Gregory and Mamie had a very special bond. He put up with and enjoyed all of her affection and love even through his awkward and embarassed pre-teen/early teen years, and even through his tough times fighting addiction. Greg was that way in general, he always loved being around family, but it was special between Mamie and him. I think I love this photo in particular because you can really get a sense of that from it.


maresi said...

that's one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous photo. I have never seen that one before. Such a treasure to have.

Katherine said...

Love it! I miss them both very much, so thanks for reminding us with that picture :)

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