merry christmas

Merry Christmas, a day late! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, if that's the holiday you celebrate. I had a fun day of eating, family and gift exchange. Lots of quality time with my sweet niece, Allison, and more of that to come today.

I definitely missed the pasta and rolls and hot fudge happening in CT yesterday, but I have been assured that plenty of food was consumed in my honor.

I've been playing in iTunes and the app store thanks to an iTunes gift certificate from my parents. So far, among other things, I've downloaded the soundtrack to Juno, which I love, and iBlogger. I'm using iBlogger now to write this post, and it makes posting on my iPhone much, much easier. So you will hopefully hear from me a lot more often. However, that is just in time for our trip to Ireland and I won't have data service on my phone over there. Only phone service. I know I have been absent from here a lot lately, but you will have to wait a little longer again.

But when I'm back from Ireland I should have lots of pictures and stories to share so hopefully it will be worth it.

We are still in PA now, and we'll leave here tomorrow late morning/early afternoon to go back home. We will finish packing, sleep for a few hours and then leave for the airport at 5:30 Sunday morning.

My cousin Mitra is getting married in Cork, Ireland on New Year's Eve. We are so excited for the trip and can't wait to spend time with family and see Ireland.

I'll try to get on here at least once more before we leave, but in case I don't, Happy New Year!


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