inauguration day

Today will go down in US History as the day we embraced hope and change, and the day we welcomed our first black president to office. Today is a happy day for our country. Today, we are feeling positive and we are reminding each other that YES WE DID!

I find myself joining in with that chorus; it is uplifting and it is catching. Let's not forget, though, that this is only day one -- we DID elect Obama, but that is only step one. We CAN hold on tight to this feeling. We CAN stay involved and make the changes we need. He cannot do it alone. We are saying YES WE DID because we elected him and the energy is electric, but we need to continue saying YES WE CAN!


Thais said...

ding dong the witch is dead!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss Bush. Think of it. We will never heard the words "strategerizing" and "nucular" out of the White House ever again!!!!

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