As much as I would love to be here writing more about my trip and sharing photos, instead I traveled to Minnesota today and spent the evening doing team-building and goal-oriented activities for work. Which is what I'll be doing through Friday, here in the land of "It's a heat wave, tomorrow is going to hit 17 degrees!!"

Plus, my system still hasn't quite gotten the message that I'm back in the states. Hello, jet lag. I am barely functioning, and I need to go to sleep now. If tomorrow is an earlier night, and if someone lends me a power cord for my laptop (totally brought my laptop but completely forgot a power cord), I will try to continue my story about Ireland. Otherwise, I'll be back here as soon as possible.

Also, in all my jet lagginess, I forgot to say this yesterday: Happy birthday, Dad!


Anonymous said...

IRELAND to MINNESOTA via Jersey City/Manhattan - THAT is a LOT of Culture Shock all in a few days!!! And . . . WHAT did you say your team is BUILDING? Hope you are having fun and have a safe trip home!!! love you, gg

Katherine said...

I hear you on the weather - it stinks out here!!! Hope you get to actually have real time at home again soon :)

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