concert in april

I am on my way to my Tuesday evening wind ensemble rehearsal, trudging through snow and ice and delayed trains. And in the aftermath of a migraine this afternoon.

But I'm not complaining, really. It's been two weeks since our last rehearsal because of the predicted bad ice storm last week that sort of fizzled out. I only wish we'd had rehearsal last week and canceled this week. All things considered though, I'll take it.

Our spring concert will be Tuesday, April 14th, in the evening, which I know is inconvenient. But if there's anyone who wants to try and make it, leave me a comment or send me an email so I have it on my radar to check with you again closer to the date. I'll need to reserve tickets at some point in advance, I'm just not sure when.

All I know so far is that we are playing some music from Candide. I am guessing well learn what the rest of the program will be tonight.

I'm listening to the Candide soundtrack on my iPod and hoping I actually make it to rehearsal on time. I hate being late, no matter the reason!


Anonymous said...

As I remember, Candide is an exciting but difficult piece to play. Some fragments of melody and certainly rythyms are found also in West Side Story and other of LBs compositions and arrangements. At one time, he had a wonderful TV program teaching children about major compositions and basic elements of music. He was quite a TALENT!! -- gg

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