Last Friday would have been my brother's 25th birthday. Mike and I went out to dinner with my parents and some other family to celebrate his birthday. We ate good food and told stories. After dinner, my cousin Anna came back to my parents' house with us. Dad and Mike made a fire in the fireplace and we roasted marshmallows in the living room. My dad made us a marshmallow roasting stick out of a grill fork, a yardstick and a lot of tape. It was classic and Greg would have loved it. Although we did all agree that if he'd been there, he would have gone out into the woods in the dark and cut and carved real marshmallow sticks for us!

It was a fitting and special way to celebrate his birthday. I dealt with the occasion much better this year, and actually felt a bit more private about it. I wanted to celebrate his life and focus on that rather than focusing on his death. Having family around and low-key fun and laughter and memories was perfect.

In other news, my cousin Katherine is in the hospital having her baby! Check with her sister, Maresi, for more details later today on Frennie's (the baby's in utero nickname) birth.


maresi said...

Like I said the last night, I wish I could have been there!

I am having A LOT of trouble NOT calling or texting Kat! Hurry up, FRENNIE!

Thais said...

so happy to hera a bout katharine's baby!!!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Greg. I tried to get Frennie/Julia to share in his special day, but she decided it was better to let him have his own birthday. I'm glad you got to celebrate :) Can't wait for you to meet her!

Fizzgig said...

i like the idea of celebrating life rather than remembering a death.

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