i'm trying to decide whether i feel guilty

I just won a lottery in my office for a corporate box ticket to tomorrow's Yankees game. It's opening day at the new stadium and they're playing Cleveland. It will be a historic and thrilling event. If the corporate seats are in the same area they were in the old stadium (which they may not be for all I know), I should be sitting right behind the visitor dugout, with 2 people from my office as well as people from other parts of the company and customers. Tickets in that area of the ballpark for tomorrow's game are currently selling on Stubhub for $2000 - $4000. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, and it's a 1pm game with opening ceremonies at noon, so I'll miss most, if not all, of the day at work.

The only hiccup?

I'm trying to decide whether I feel guilty for winning a ticket. You see, I am a Red Sox fan, born and bred, and I generally dislike the Yankees. My office, being full of New Yorkers, is full of Yankees fans who also entered the lottery for a ticket.

But, eh, I won fair and square. Yankees fan or not, it should be a beautiful day and a great game and it's an opportunity to be a part of history.


Anonymous said...

Go have FUN spying on the enemy Yankees!!!! :) gg

Anonymous said...

Sell those tickets on Craig's List. $2K would really come in handy in this economy!

Amy said...

Considering it's only 1 ticket, in a luxury suite (they upgraded to the luxury suite this year, turns out), with the head of my business and other company people and customers, selling it is decidedly not an option.

Anonymous said...

Sell it to a jealous, desperate, (stupid) coworker for $2K?

Elena said...

I can understand your feelings, considering the long-standing feud between the two teams, and your allegiance to the Red Sox...but hey, you won, and you should enjoy the game. Maybe you can think of it as your New York City christening. Not a Yankee fan, of course, but a full fledged New Yorker. :P

Fizzgig said...

too bad we beat your team aaaaaaah. I dont like sports. I just know the indians won.

I did that yearly, id enter the Ohio State football pool, and win tickets. I detest sports. I'd turn around and sell them for 300 bucks. Mine werent free, wed have to buy 1 ticket (bogo) at $50 but Id always profit. I didnt feel bad at all.

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