that was fun!

I rather enjoyed that. Posting the ultrasound picture all by its lonesome and then just sitting back and letting you all run with it. I was thoroughly entertained, and also a little verklempt at all your lovely congratulations and well-wishes.

I would like to say that was the whole reason I just posted the picture all by itself, but if I'm being totally honest it also probably has something to do with the fact that it takes every ounce of my energy just to stay awake for five minutes in a row. Nevermind form coherent sentences. That seems to be my life these days. Sorry, I'd like to meet up/talk to you/do at least one chore at my house/get up off this couch but I am far too busy sleeping.

Oh, the fatigue, and the hunger, and the queasy, holy hell if it doesn't knock me flat. I can't keep my eyes open. I am starving all day, every day and yet every single food repulses me. I smell everything, and I mean everything. Good, bad, ugly, whatever it is, I smell it. It is complete insanity.

But. BUT. Two weeks ago, I heard the baby's heartbeat, at the same appointment I got the ultrasound picture I posted the other day. It was magical. And so, all is well.

Moving on, to answer some of the questions I'm sure you all have: I am due November 24th (2 days before Thanksgiving). I'm 10 weeks along, and everything seems to be fine. Things were a little scary at the beginning, I was spotting and had to go for some tests. I've already had three ultrasounds, though, thanks to that, and everything looks normal and well now. My next appointment will be Thursday, and it's just a routine check-in.

Perhaps the most frequently asked question after the due date is whether we'll be finding out the gender. And the answer is no, we won't. There are so few surprises in life these days. This will be one of them for us.

I think I've run out of coherent sentences for today. I'll keep you updated!


Fizzgig said...

I was due november 24, and I was born dec 14. To this day we think this is why i was so attached to my mom.

I think it was because technology sucked.

maresi said...

I already claim Nov. 28 in the pool. Girl.

Anonymous said...

To all you speculators out there, keep them to yourselves. For each speculation of sex, I will not consider it. Girl is now out of the question. If somebody guesses "boy" that too will be out of the question. Guess an "it", gone. "Cat" - gone.

Same goes for names--unless you want the baby to be name "blank blankington", refrain.

Due dates, too much speculation could turn this baby into an elephant (22 months gestation.

Amy said...

Speak for your damn self, husband. 22 months gestation. That is nearly grounds for divorce.

Anonymous said...

Speculation is the SPICE of LIFE - get with the program!!! :) My thought is that you should be here for Thanksgiving and deliver HERE!!! Mike, I can tell you for certain that it is NOT in your best interests to have a wife pregnant for 22 months!!! Pampering a pregnant wife IS in the husband's best interest! You will learn to ENJOY pampering Amy, the blessed mother of your child! VERY FONDLY, gg

Thais said...

so i am such a loser becusae iwas using my useless anatomy and physiology skills to come up with the age of hte baby in the picture and i guessed 9 months...guess all those sleepness nights werent a waste of time after all!
Again , so happy for you...have you tried ginger tea for nausea? it taste like shit but usually does the job! Ill catch you on the flip side when you dont want to sleep all the time - we can hang out!

Thais said...

i meant 9 losing it---its friday!

Amy said...

That's seriously impressive, Thais! I was eight and a half weeks when that ultrasound was done!

Katherine said...

Yay for surprises - even though I was dying to know what we were having, the surprise at the end (and wasn't it a good one, since we all were convinced we were having a boy?!) was so fun. It made the pain and hard work of labor even better because we couldn't wait to find out what we had in there!

Now we just need a good nickname (like Bertha or Frennie) for the meantime!


Hey there, lady! Super congrats on your pregnancy and also congrats on winning a book on GGC! Email me and I'll get the book to you asap!

Kiss on your cheeks (and your belly!)


maresi said...


Anna said...

I vote girl, using Gram's method, because I already have a nephew. On the same basis, my vote for due day is Dec. 4. Because Otis was 10 days late and I'm pretty sure I did that math right.

Meredith said...

K, not sure if you'll read this, but I guess I just wasn't keeping up enough with your blog, but in my defense, I was in UT, so you know.

Remember all my complaining when I was prego at portnoff??? Now you understand!!! YAY! But, so sad you're going through it. And, SO SO SO happy for you. It's going to kill me to wait until November to find out what you're having!! Big hug from GA!! Congrats!!

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