ice cream

As a not skinny person, at least not in the last ten years, I am used to watching the scale, hoping for a shift of a couple of numbers. I am just not used to hoping for those numbers to go up. Seems a little backwards to me.

But as of tomorrow I am 17 weeks pregnant, and weight is starting to be of slight concern. Nothing to worry over yet, but definitely something to watch. I was down a total of six pounds at one point, then leveled off a few weeks ago at five pounds down, and have stayed there ever since. Until now - I have finally gained one of them back. I am only four pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and it almost feels like cause for celebration!

This world in which I force myself to eat ice cream for the calcium, protein and fat is one I could really get used to. You know, minus the nausea and migraines, please. But, hey, baby steps! (Get it, baby steps? I crack myself up.)


Meredith said...

eat a scoop for this dairy free friend of yours! :)

Anonymous said...

How did you like the angel your mother sent us this morning? I put mine in a closet just in case I
ever get desperate.

Enjoy the gaining of weight. This is the only time you can do it with your doctor's approval.

Are you and Mike coming for the

Katherine said...

Yay for gaining weight! I loved getting weighed at each visit and seeing the numbers go up - you know your baby is growing along with you! Can't wait to see that little bump soon :)

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