I am working on a few posts, including my recent run-in with Comcast (Did I decide to cancel my cable? Stay tuned...) and photos from last weekend's family gatherings, 2nd annual family ladderball tournament (Who were the big champions this year??), and modified cousins' weekend. I couldn't have had more fun.

But right now I'm totally distracted by the active baby playing kickball with my uterus. It's the first time it's felt more like kicks and less like little flutters. I've totally lost my focus, so you'll excuse me if I just go back to enjoying that now.


Katherine said...

Yippee! Enjoy the kicks while they are fun and not uncomfortable :) Hopefully Mike can feel them soon too! Go Turkey!

Anonymous said...

fun! Avery was as active in the womb and Kyle was a maniac (and still is). I was just thinking about you today and wondering what you're having....I can't wait 4 more months!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is exciting! Enjoy your baby's gymnastic routines!!! gg

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