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Monday and today, when I got on the train in the morning, someone immediately jumped up for me so I could sit. Both were young women, I'm guessing about 23-25 age range. Both dressed simply but professionally. They were very kind and didn't even wait for me to thank them before moving away to find a place to stand. Yesterday, nobody would give up a seat. Everybody, after glancing up at me, was very busy keeping their noses securely in their books or papers, or pretending to be asleep. One girl's eyelids were actually doing that thing where they shake because you're trying so hard to keep them shut.

There is a story I'm dying to tell you about a person I barely know who is really challenging my patience. I've gotten into a fight with him on at least two occasions now, and his rudeness, arrogance and general above-everyone attitude has pushed me way past my limit and I can't ignore it anymore. Unfortunately, I can't tell that story here right now. At some point, hopefully I will be able to. In the meantime, suffice to say, I am normally a very patient and tolerant person, but I'm now yelling at people I hardly even know.

This morning I went to the doctor. Everything looks good, my belly is measuring properly, and no problems. It was a red letter day - the first appointment I've registered a weight above my pre-pregnancy weight! Finally, at 23 weeks, I've gained a total of 4 pounds. I have to go for the glucose test in a few weeks, I have to call about a hospital tour, decide whether we want to do childbirth classes, and we have some thinking to do about whether to bank the baby's cord blood. Other than that, all is well and I go back again in a month.


Anonymous said...

SHAME on those who could but won't give up a seat on the train for you. Looking forward to hearing more about "the man" in paragraph
2. And HURRAY for a great OB check and the 4 pounds. Are you having fun buying some maternity clothes? Your baby is a lucky child to have you and Mike for parents!! love,gg

Thais said...

wahoo for 4 pounds!!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would congratulate a woman on GAINING weight in pregnancy, but congrats! :)
I cannot believe people don't get up for you. Lame.

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