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In other words, hi, I'm 7 months pregnant. Welcome to my life! There are a lot of things I want to write about on here but I'm just so tired. So I'll just update you on what's going on with me in a sort of stream of consciousness way and that'll be my poor excuse for a post today.

-My heartburn is really bad. Like, awake for extended periods of time multiple times a night bad. No amount of Tums, water or milk helps. I just got a prescription for Pepcid from my doctor, so we'll see how that goes.

-It helps if I sleep propped up with pillows leaning against my husband pillow (not my actual husband).

-But then the back pain is worse than if I sleep on my side. Which, I suppose, is better than not sleeping at all.

-I'm tired.

-My back hurts. All the time.

-Did I mention I'm tired?

-The carpal tunnel is bad this week. I have always had carpal tunnel, and I'd heard it can get worse in pregnancy. But it hadn't until this week and now all of a sudden it's agony. Nothing the doctor can do for me except shrug and say it'll back off once the baby's born. I'm wearing my braces at work but that only goes so far in helping.

-Last week my cat Sierra, the fat one, was really sick. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with liver problems, due to how fat she is. She's feeling much better now, and we're feeding her the diet food.

-She feels much better now because we have medicine to give her, which should solve the liver problems and then we'll be done with it. Two liquids twice a day. And a pill once a day for 30 days.

-In case you didn't catch that, I'll repeat myself: A pill once a day for 30 days.

-For my cat.

-If you have never given a cat a pill, I don't recommend you start. Holy crap.

-It involves dragging her out from under the bed, where she's hiding because she knows what's about to happen, wrapping her up in a towel like a little kitty burrito so none of her lethal arms and legs can escape, all while she hisses and tries to run away. Then you wrench her mouth open, shove the pill in and clamp her mouth shut so she has no choice but to swallow.

-Lather, rinse, repeat about 12 times because she is fast and will shoot the damn thing back out at you way faster than you thought she could ever move, before you can shut her mouth.

-Finally force her to swallow it, then squirt water into her mouth with a little syringe so she doesn't choke on the pill.

-It is a really good thing I love my cat.

-It's not all bad news! The baby's moving and kicking is pretty fun right now. You can see the rolling around on my stomach, and I feel pointy little limbs poking around everywhere.

-It's super annoying and painful when the pointy little limbs are up in my ribs or dancing on my bladder, but still pretty awesome.

-Mike and I are traveling up to CT today after work for my baby shower tomorrow. I am super excited about spending a weekend hanging out with family and friends.

-I will be back with pictures next week. Also I will try to get a picture of the kitty burrito because it's hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Sierra shat out more crap in one pile, at one time yesterday (which she didn't cover) than Jasmine (our other cat) shat out in three weeks. DISGUSTING.

Anonymous said...

At least the size of two tubs of play-dough.

Amy said...

Oh, right, that. I guess I blocked that out of my memory.

Or else I forgot because I wasn't the one who had to clean it up since I'm not allowed near the litter box.

But yeah. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Anyone who successfully gives a cat a pill every day for THIRTY days should get COMBAT pay!!! As for cleaning kitty litter boxes, I have NO GOOD WORDS . . . .

Looking forward to baby shower and picnic!!! gg

Katherine said...

Ride that no changing the litter box thing as long as you can...

This post was hilarious! I'm sorry your so uncomfortable in so many ways, but it makes for some entertaining reading :)

Have a great time this weekend, I so wish we could join you! Take lots of pictures!!!

Thais said...

- the carpal tunnel can also be exasterbated AFTER baby is born becuase of the increased amount of lifting/handling you will be doing---largest group of carpal tunnel patients are office workers/secretary and new mothers
- so sorry i missed the shower---i am very sad
- totally looking forward to cat burrito pictures

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