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Last night, Mike went to the first night of the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's the third year he's gone, for work, and has been able to sit a few rows back from the court and see some of the biggest tennis stars play. Last night's matches featured Venus Williams and Andy Roddick. Even I know those are big stars and I only watch tennis once a year, and that's to see if I can spot Mike in the audience on tv.

There he is! Blue collared shirt, top left. Pretty neat, so close to the action. What this photo does not show is the 10 year old girl who vomited all over the place a few seats away, or the fact that it took stadium personnel rather a while to get to it and clean it up. Last year, he ran into Martha Stewart. This year, a vomiting child.

Even weirder, though, and my main reason for writing about this, was the random lady who sat in Mike's seat when he was eating dinner. The group of them got to the stadium, found their seats, and went to a restaurant in the stadium to eat. Mike left his black fleece jacket on his seat while they ate.

When they returned, there was a lady none of them knew sitting in their box. She didn't belong in that section. And she was wearing Mike's fleece jacket over her legs. And had a bag of cheetos with her that she was about to eat. They kicked her out and reclaimed their seats and his jacket.

Mike texted me that he felt violated. I couldn't stop laughing about it, but really, I don't blame him. I mean, who does that? Sits in someone else's seat and uses their jacket? And plans to eat cheetos and drip orange crumbs all over it? I think it's incredibly bizarre and I can't figure out what would possess someone to think that was okay. Can you? Is it as weird as I think it is? Would you do it?


maresi said...

That is SO WEIRD! I mean, SERIOUSLY WEIRD. The questions I would have for her are too many to type in this comment area. SRSLY. I cannot imagine what was going through her head.

Anonymous said...

This is very Weird! It could have been worse - at least SHE wasn't the one vomiting, so no vomity cheetos on his black fleece. We went to an ice show in Springfield many years ago, BP, so at least more than 36 - a child vomited on Will's back. Mother knew the child was sick because she had a small brown bag for her child whose aim wasn't so good. The mom NEVER apologized and I KNEW WHO SHE WAS but she didn't know me!!!!

Anonymous said...

very strange. I mean, stealing the seat I can see, but using the jacket? Strange. Maybe she was thinking....oh, this will be a good napkin after I get cheeto hands. gross. The vomiting? double gross.

Anonymous said...

Is this the SAME black fleece he left in the St. Pete Diner last January?

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