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I'm still pregnant. Dreadfully uncomfortable. Lots of lower back pain and pressure on my hips. According to my OB at my appointment on Wednesday, I'm ready to go at any time. Contractions on and off Thursday and today but nothing steady. There was some talk of inducing me at my appointment this week if I'm still feeling so much back pain and hip pressure, depending on what my cervix is doing (she hasn't checked it at all yet).

This morning, Mike and I went to see The Christmas Carol. I loved it. You should definitely go see it. And if my endorsement doesn't have you convinced already, you should know that Westley does some of the voices. Awesome.

I've generally resorted to jigsaw puzzles at this point, to keep me distracted and give me something to focus on. I finished one 500 piece puzzle so far. My apartment is a mess and it is driving me to distraction, I hate it so much, but apparently not enough to muster up the energy to do anything about it. Mike is keeping up with laundry and grocery shopping and cooking, and other than that, oh well. It'll wait.


Empty Arms, Broken Heart said...

Oh my dear!!! I hope the end is near! (and at least you missed having your sweet baby on Friday the 13th!!!) I am thinking baby-having thoughts for you!!!

Katherine said...

Enjoy the quiet while you can, close your eyes to ignore the messes around the house, and think happy baby thoughts to greet Turkey soon!

Thais said...

its just going to get dirty again anyway......let me know if you need anything!!!!! Feel better soon!

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