two months

Dear Emmett,

It is so hard to believe you are more than two months old already. Having you around has changed our lives so deeply that it sometimes seems as though you've been with us forever. I can't imagine my life without you in it, and it's hard for me to remember what life was like before you joined us. You are the love of our lives.

The rest of your family loves you almost as much as we do, and even though they don't live nearby, you are showered with so much love. You get to see Nana & Poppy, Mimi & Pappy, and Auntie Andi & Uncle Mike as often as we can manage it. Your cousin Alli has been able to see you several times, and loves nothing more than to point at you, hug you, and try to poke your eyes out. You've been able to meet lots of your extended family too, and all your big cousins can't wait until you are big enough to play with them. You even have a cousin younger than you are! Your cousin Keaton was born one week after you, and it's going to be fun to watch you both grow up together.

Soon, you will take your first plane ride to meet more family. You and I are going to Florida in a few weeks so you can meet your cousins Henry and Maria (and their parents, too)! Your cousin Julia is coming with us (and her mom, too)! I can't wait to see all of you kids together. It seems like just yesterday that we were kids growing up together, and now we're getting together so our kids can get to know each other.

You look just like your daddy, and even strangers notice the resemblance immediately. You've looked just like him since the moment you were born. You grow and change every single day, but that resemblance is constant. This month, you started smiling constantly, and in the last couple of weeks, you started giggling. You've discovered your hands, and I often catch you holding them in front of your face and studying them. You hold your head up most of the time on your own. Until you forget yourself and it flops around and whacks one of us in the jaw. In the last couple of days you've started swinging your arms around at toys and occasionally even aiming correctly and hitting one! You coo and babble constantly, although you've been doing that almost since day one! You are one noisy, chatty baby.

Amazingly, you have been sleeping through the night every night for the last couple of weeks. And not just 5-6 hours at a time, which is considered sleeping through the night for a baby. You sleep a solid 8-9 hours in a row at night. When you wake up from naps or in the morning, it's always very pleasantly. You tend to be in a good mood when you wake up, and it takes you a while to work yourself up and start crying loud enough so we hear you and come to get you. As a result, you scoot yourself around and are usually sideways in the crib with your head jammed up against the crib rails by the time we come to get you!

Playtime is lots of fun. You love nothing more than to be read to, or talked to, or sung to. You lay on the floor and study your toys, or study my face, or your own hands. I talk and sing and read, and you grin and giggle and babble. Your favorite songs are Baa Baa Black Sheep, the Baby Bumblebee song, and the BVDs song. They make you smile almost every time.

You are a generally laid back and happy baby. Unless something's bothering you, you're ready to soak up the world. You do have bellyaches a lot and fairly often you are gassy, whiny, fussy, and generally unsettled. When you get that way, your favorite place to be is held close, belly to belly, with your face buried in my neck. But you rarely scream. Only if you're super hungry and we're getting a bottle, which takes far too long in your opinion to be ready, or if something hurts you.

Which brings us to today's two month baby checkup appointment. You had your first round of vaccines, and boy howdy did you holler. There were two injections in one thing and one injection in the other thigh, which gave you plenty of time to get seriously wound up. Your face crinkled up so tight, it looked as though you were trying to suck your whole face up through your nostrils. Then your mouth opened so wide, your face turned a hearty purple color, and you let out a scream louder than I've ever heard from you. Almost immediately, though, you lost your breath completely and went silent , and, if it's even possible, you got even purpler and your mouth opened even wider. Finally, you remember to breathe again and started screaming louder than ever.

And I'm sorry, kiddo, I really am, but you are so cute and so funny when you get all worked up and screaming. I'm sure I'll have this to apologize for later in your life, but I'll just go ahead and get a head start now. I'm sorry for all the laughing I have done and will do while you're mad and screaming in my face.

Of course, it's a little less funny (but still adorable) when it goes on for over an hour without stopping and you're inconsolable, which is what happened when you woke up from your nap a few hours after your appointment. Your poor little leg swelled up and turned bright red where you had the shot. A call to the dr to check on it, some baby tylenol, and now you're all snuggled up with your face buried in my neck as I type this. Not happy, but just whining like a sad puppy dog now, and slowly settling down.

The rest of your appointment was just checking up on your feeding, development and measurements. Everything looks great and the scale proved what we already know: you are a little piggy! At 2 months, you weight 13lbs, 5oz, and you are 23 inches long. You are average height and in the 75th percentile for weight. Your doctor had no complaints and pronounced you healthy and beautiful.

These first two months with you, Emmett, have already been magical. You have given us just the tiniest hint of what is to come, and I am so excited to help guide you through your journey. I can't wait to see what you'll do. Slow down, though, don't move too fast. Let's soak in this time together, where it's enough for you to spend your days with me, snuggling and learning and smiling and playing.

Happy two months, Emmett, my sweet boy.



Anonymous said...

How amazing it is..truly amazing. I just double checked and he is 1 oz bigger than Melody at 2 months. She was a very happy and chubby baby! I wish we got to spend more time with Emmett when you were here but there were just too many family members trying to get in on the baby love. Hopefully the next time you come up for a visit we can see you all again!

S&B said...

you are an amazing mama amy, emmett is so lucky to have you! you're doing an AWESOME job and you're a natural, which is obvious when you look at how well emmett is doing. i'm so impressed.. =) can't wait to see him again! oh and...LOVE the idea of notes to him, he will be so thankful for these when he is older!

maresi said...

What a peach of a son! And after Greta gave me the idea, I checked my kids' weights at this age - Henry was 12lbs 12ozs and Maria (skinny minny) was 9lbs 9ozs. Like 4lbs lighter than Emmett.

And that bump and soreness is pretty typical. I couldn't even touch Maria's legs after her first shots or she'd scream bloody murder. He'll be fine soon!

And I AM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT about your visit.

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