four months

Dear Emmett,

Today you are four months old. This morning, when Daddy took you out of your crib and brought you to sit with us while we ate breakfast, you looked so big to me, sitting in his lap and laughing. It is hard to believe that just four months ago you were a squishy little newborn in the NICU. We haven't been to your four month appointment yet, that will be tomorrow, but if our scale can be believed, you have almost doubled your birth weight already, weighing in at over 16 pounds. I'm looking forward to finding out if that matches up with your official weight tomorrow.

At the beginning of your fourth month, you tasted rice cereal for the first time, and loved it. You eat it every day with gusto and often I can't shovel it into your mouth fast enough. We started out dumping it into the back of your mouth so you'd figure out to swallow it. And then it took you only about three days to learn to open your mouth for the spoon and eat. Now, I can barely get the spoon into your mouth before you eat all the cereal right off it like an expert.

We've changed your feeding schedule in the last week to accommodate the fact that your cereal feeding is now a real meal instead of just a taste for practice, and you're adjusting to it perfectly. You nurse in the morning, have a bottle at lunch, nurse again mid-afternoon. At dinnertime you have your cereal and between 8-9 you have a bottle before bed.

You and I play on the floor every day, and I roll you around for practice. You've finally started trying to roll over in the last few days, and I think pretty soon you'll do it. Probably from back to belly, though! You've shown no move toward rolling belly to back, which would probably be easier for you.

Your new favorite trick is standing while we hold you. You love to bounce on your legs. Yesterday, we discovered that you can stand up from laying on your back on the floor, if I hold your hands and help you up. Your grin after doing this looks like it will explode right off the sides of your face, you are so proud of yourself.

Possibly the thing that makes you smile the most, though, is your own reflection. I show you the baby in the mirror often throughout the day, and talk to you about how his name is Emmett, too! He is always copying you, too. He's always wrapped in a towel after his bath at the same time you are, and he's always wearing the same clothes! You get very excited about seeing him.

Your coordination improves every day. You grab toys out of my hands and reach for things constantly. Burp cloths with patterns (made for you by Beanie) are a favorite. You'll hold and stare at them for ages. Your big cousin Otis shared some of his old toys with you, and one of them has quickly become a favorite while serving the dual purpose of being payback for your parents! The Spin & Sing Alphabet toy is the same one that Daddy and I gave to your cousin Alli over a year ago, and it has been driving Auntie Andi and Uncle Mike nuts ever since! Now it's our turn. I have to say, though, you are great at spinning it, and it totally captivates you so it's worth it and it's fun to watch.

A few weeks ago, I started holding you in my lap at the piano keyboard and you love this. We do it every day now, and for a little while I sit you back in my lap and I play and sing. Then I move you up and let you play, too. I'm not sure you've quite figured out that you are making the noise yet, but you love to push on the keys and you love the sounds. Music makes you happy and that makes me happy! I am looking forward to putting you in kindermusik this fall so you can learn more and play with other kids.

We've had some nice weather this month, and we've spent some time outside on a blanket, playing in the sun, and going for walks. You love to sit up in the stroller and watch the world go by. You attract attention everywhere we go, people love to talk to you and you just grin back. You are such a happy baby.

Your gas issues have decreased a lot, and only occasionally do we have to deal with your frantic gassy distress. More often, if anything is bothering you these days, it seems to be your gums. We think you're teething, and it helps to give you a cold teether or to let you chew on our fingers. I can't feel any teeth coming yet, but if your sore gums and the buckets of drool pouring out of your mouth are any indication, it won't be long!

I am getting excited for warm weather, so you and I can get out of the house to play every day, take walks, and go into the city often for lunches with Daddy. And so we can take you in the pool! You absolutely adore bath time, water makes you very happy, so we can't wait to take you in the pool and let you splash and explore.

I hear you waking up from your nap in the other room, and I can't wait another minute to go see your smiling face! Happy four months, my sweet boy.



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