poop on the floor, poop on the floor, lookin' like a fool with your poop on the floor

On Wednesday evening, before Emmett's bath, and while Mike was still at work, I was folding laundry in my bedroom. Emmett was in his jumper in the doorway. I heard him make noises like he was going to poop, and considered the possibility that it would go all up his back since he was in the jumper. I sighed, and figured I'd take two minutes to fold the rest of the laundry, and then clean him up. I folded one more shirt, looked back over at him, and he was, and I AM NOT KIDDING AROUND HERE, jumping in his poop. Literally. Jumping in his poop, and grinning at me. Mashing it right on into the carpet.

Oh, and did I mention he had beets for lunch? Well, he did.

I hauled him out, cleaned him up, and called my dad to tell him the story, which as gross and funny as it is, probably still does not top the story he had called earlier to tell me.

{STORY WITHIN A STORY: He parked his car across the street from the house, and was halfway up the sidewalk with an armful of groceries, when a bear came around the corner of the house. So there's a bear, stopping to stare at my dad, and there's my dad, twenty feet from the bear, carrying bags of food. He edged very, very, very slowly down the sidewalk and made it into the house. The bear kept going across the yard and across the street. My dad grabbed the camera and went out the front door to take a picture, and as he stepped off the front porch, another bear came around the side of the house! This one didn't stop, though, it kept right on going, and he was able to get one picture of it walking away (hey dad, send me that picture and I can add it here) before he went back inside to make absolutely sure all bears were gone before getting the rest of the groceries.}

So. As I'm talking to my parents about the bear and the poop, I keep smelling something and I cannot imagine what it could possibly be. I keep chatting away, and trying to clean up the baby and the carpet.

Suddenly it hit me that I was boiling lima beans on the stove to make for Emmett before the poop happened.


Anonymous said...

oh the joys of motherhood huh?
So is the bear story.
Beets and lima beans? Yuck! But, I guess it's healthy right? :)

Elena said...

Hehehe! Thanks for the giggle, and with photographic evidence, too!

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