house shopping

Mike and I have spent a little time looking at open houses. We have no idea yet whether we can even afford to do this right now, but we're getting an idea of what's out there so that we can make an informed decision. It's a buyers' market now, at least that's what they tell me, so we're going to see if we can maybe try to do it. See if maybe we can get Emmett a yard and a swing set. And if maybe we can get a few extra rooms so that family & friends can come and stay and gather and be comfortable. The sticker shock on houses where we're looking is kind of insane, though, so we have to do a lot of thinking on our own and talk to a mortgage broker and see where we end up.

We spent the afternoon today looking at houses while Emmett stayed home with his godparents. We were able to see about 7 houses, in various neighborhoods and price points. I do feel as if I have a better idea of what you get for your money, which is important. But mostly we both feel a little shell-shocked. The houses all start to run together and we have forgotten which house had that cute bathroom, which one had the weird shared driveway and which one had that dingy little student apartment in the basement.

House shopping is exhausting. Even when you're not serious about it yet (and may not be anytime soon) and you're just looking to see what's out there. Even when you're not dragging around the small child who wants to crawl everywhere and touch everything. It is draining and confusing and hectic and overwhelming.


Empty Arms, Broken Heart said...

And I did it by myself! It was exhausting, mostly because the price point I had was low so many of the homes were "fixer up-ers." I only suggest you take your time, which is sounds like you are doing (something I didn't have the luxury to do). Know what you want and keep looking until you find it! :)

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