excuse me while i climb onto my soapbox for a minute

I just walked over to the grocery store to pick something up that we forgot earlier. Outside the store, a car went by, driving toward the exit, with four people in it. I glanced over again and realized a woman in the backseat was holding a very small baby (less than 3 months) up on her shoulder. I walked very slowly, watching them, hoping I was going to be wrong and they were about to strap the baby into a car seat. I couldn't tell if there was a seat in the middle or not. I waited. As they moved along, she wrapped a blanket around the baby, then lifted it up to her face for a moment, and settled it back onto her shoulder. They moved along toward the exit.

I started to feel nauseous and my vision got all funny around the edges the way it does when I'm so angry I can't function. I pulled it together and jotted down the make, model & license plate number. I looked around for cops, as there are often a few around that area, and of course, there were none to be found. Halfway home, though, I knew there was a traffic cop due to some construction. I crossed the street halfway to talk to him and explained everything. He was as horrified as I was, and he gave me the direct number for the police dispatch.

I called the dispatch, explained everything and gave them my name and number. She said they would put out a notice for all cars in the area to watch for them.

At least five minutes had passed, maybe more, so I hold little hope that they will actually catch these people. But I am still angry and wish that I could do something about it.

If you choose not to wear your seat belt, it's a stupid thing to do, but that's your choice. You are deciding to be ignorant of safety. Babies, though, they don't get to decide. They rely on us to keep them safe. Please keep them safe. I am literally begging you. Put your children in car seats.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did as much as you COULD do and MORE than many others would do! Proud of you!

Meredith said...

I agree! So many people would have just thought, "that's awful!" and done nothing. You definitely did your civic duty today.
I just don't get how people are still so ignorant and careless when it comes to their CHILDREN!! Give me a break!

maresi said...

I hear you. Good job! I once followed a truck out of the bank drive through while talking to the police department on my phone because the driver had what looked to be a three year old boy on his lap as he left the parking lot onto a very busy road.

I may be a free-range kid parent, but I don't mess around with crap that's proven to be potentially fatal.

Thais said...

This is one of my biggst pet peeves in life and i have actually called the cops on neighboors and family members for this exact reason....absolutly RIDICULOUS

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