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Once you've decided to use cloth diapers, you may want to wade into the online cloth diaper community.  There are countless sources for information, questions, purchasing, swapping, etc.  It can be useful, especially if you don't have anyone in your life who is also cloth diapering for tips and support, although it's certainly not necessary.  As I said before, cloth diapering is as simple as you make it.  However, participating in some of what's out there can also provide fun and giveaways, which is great.

Facebook is a great place to start getting involved.  Follow your favorite cloth diaper brands, detergent brands, online cloth diaper stores and cloth diaper blogs.  Most, if not all, of these will encourage you to post questions on their wall, start conversations, and they are more than willing to reach out, answer questions and treat customers/readers with respect.  It is a great way to find out what solutions there might be to any issues you're having and get ideas.  Some of these also post discounts, contests and giveaways.  The cloth diaper related pages I follow on Facebook are:  Cotton Babies,, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, bumGenius, Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent, Diaper Decisions, Liz Has A Life, All About Cloth Diapers and We want to see cloth diapers in hospitals.  If anyone has any others I should know about, let me know!

Diaper Decisions is a website dedicated mainly to cloth diaper businesses, but they have an event going on this month which is fantastic for introducing cloth diapers, called the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt.  Participating websites hide an icon somewhere on their websites, which you find, click and it registers each one you find.  It's like a diaper scavenger hunt.  There are daily prizes and grand prizes, which is great, but it's also a fun way to take a tour of what's out there and get to know the available cloth diapers and accessories.

Kelly's Closet is an online cloth diaper retailer.  They have become my favorite place to stock up and try new things, because of their excellent customer service and their frequent discounts.  They post on Facebook (as coupons and discounts, and very often a code to receive a free one-size cloth diaper with a minimum purchase.  For someone just stocking up on diapers, this would certainly lower the overall cost.  And for an established cloth diapering parent like me, it is incentive to try a couple of new cute things, and get a free new type of diaper to try along with it.

Babycenter has quite a few community groups/message boards dedicated to cloth diapers, and they also have a Cloth Diaper Swap group.  Members can post used diapers and diaper accessories for sale or trade, and they will invoice you through Paypal.  I have bought used diapers there a couple times, and it's been a positive experience for me.  I think that for the next baby we would try to buy a stash of newborn cloth diapers that way, instead of using disposables at the beginning.

Diaper Swappers is a more mainstream diaper forum and swapping board.  I have spent some time browsing the site and I think it's interesting and helpful, but I haven't bought anything or participated much there.

The websites of many of the top diaper and detergent brands often have helpful information, tips and troubleshooting as well, for their particular diapers and for washing and care recommendations.

Natali at Mommy Beta is a CBS correspondent who has agreed to challenge herself to a 30-day cloth diaper trial and experiment, after a very shameful Cloth vs. Disposable diaper wars segment which may as well have been an ad for Huggies and Pampers.  The cloth diapering community came out in droves to call her out on it (skim a few of the comments on the video- you'll get the idea very quickly).  We commented, explained and asked her to redo the segment after researching the actual truth about cloth diapers.  The community asked her to please tell both sides of the story.  Most were critical but constructive, but there are always a few ruthless and nasty diaper warriors.  But when she agreed to step up and try the cloth diapers, the community responded again- this time with loads of encouragement, advice and support.  I look forward to following her journey.

The online cloth diaper community is vast, interesting and I don't think I've even scratched the surface of what's out there.  I am continuing to learn and explore, and if you have any favorite cloth diaper sites, resources, blogs, anything, please share!


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