pre-thanksgiving feast

We enjoyed our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast with friends today.  It was good company, good food and worth every second of the hard work.  Especially since Mike does most of the cooking! 

Really, though, it was fantastic and this has become one of my most favorite annual holiday traditions.  We always spend Thanksgiving with family, and this tradition allows us special time to celebrate with friends, too. 

This was Emmett's first year of participating in this tradition; he also had the first of three birthday cakes scheduled for the next couple of weeks, and opened his first round of gifts. 

I am starting this week's theme of Giving Thanks early.  Today, I am thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving Feast and, especially, for these friends:


Mike said...

I'm pretty sure that in the third sentence of this post, the word "most" should actually be "ALL".

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