herb garden

I was going to continue our tour by moving through the front door into the front hall, but I'm holding that for later because I can't wait to show you our herb garden project!  I only wish I had thought to take a well-framed before picture.

This is the best picture I can find of our kitchen door area before we built an herb garden and bigger patio area.  It doesn't show the patio area at all, but it was basically a small sidewalk, from the stairs to the driveway, and mostly overgrown.  We cleared out a big overgrown section of this garden, including pachysandra, which is an absolute nightmare of an underground vine.  We dug out some large rocks, which were probably a wall or border at one time before they got mixed into the garden soil.  We built a wall, fertilized, planted herbs.  Then we tackled the small sidewalk/patio area.  There are pieces of slate scattered around our property, so we gathered those.  Then we dug out the area where we wanted to put them, leveled it, chose pieces of stone and built an expanded patio.

This was initially supposed to be a quick project of ripping out some plants and putting in some herbs, but it turned into a redesign of this entire area.  I am so happy with how it came out, and I find myself lingering in that area just to enjoy it. 


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