ramblings heard through the monitor this morning

Transcribed in real time, as I'm listening to him:

"Daddy make a fire? Yeah? Yeah!"

"Sonnez les matines, ding ding dong."

"Read a book. Read a book. Read a book."

"See Poppy? See Poppy right there? Bye bye Poppy!"

"Make breakfast? Okay!"

"Frere Jacques, dormez vous, sonnez les matines, ding ding dong"

"Want some milk? Amy? Amy!"

After his book hits the floor- "Mama get it? Mama get it? Mama get OUT?"

"Play letters. Play letters. Play letters."

"Frere Jacques. Frere Jacques."

"Get out. Get out!"


"h k l m o p q"

"Talk to Poppy now! Yeah! Oh yeah!"

"Lie down, Puppy. Get your diaper on. All done."

"Mama! Okay, I'm coming. Come on! Come on!"

I guess that's my cue to go get him up!


Katherine said...

That's hilarious! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Very hilarious - thank you for sharing! Verbal in 2 languages - brillant child!

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