March 2000:  Greg's sixteenth birthday.

Today, Emmett and I celebrated Greg's twenty-eighth birthday.  Emmett wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Uncle Greg.  I told him if we sing, he will hear us.  In the end, he chickened out and didn't want to sing.  He asked if we could go to Uncle Greg's house and see him.  I had trouble finding the right words, but did my best to explain the truth as I know it, on the level of a two year old.  Then we had cupcakes to celebrate Uncle Greg's birthday.

I have been fairly weepy today, but I am handling it okay.  My friend Sandra and her daughter Julia came for a while this afternoon, which was a great distraction.  The kids had fun and I was very grateful for their company.  I am glad to be through Greg's birthday for the year, but on the other hand, it means time is ticking away another year without him.


Jamie said...

I admire your strength. You are a remarkable woman and I love you very much.

Anonymous said...

Not sure there is enough chocolate on that counter!!! LOVE THE PHOTOS AND GOOD MEMORIES!! I am sorry that you have so much pain & wish I knew how to help you! We are not able to do the only thing that would help - turn back time. Love you Amy, patty

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