winter carrot

After we moved into our house last May, one of the first things I did was dig up a section of flower garden to plant seeds for a small vegetable garden.  Homegrown veggies make me so happy.  I put in six tomato plants, which grew beautifully and gave tomatoes until a couple of storms did some damage and then the hurricane knocked them flat.  I planted about 4 zucchini plants, which, all together, produced one zucchini all summer.  One jalapeƱo plant, with loads of peppers, none of which were spicy even a tiny bit.  A whole bunch of asparagus, which did well but was too young to produce edible asparagus -- it'll hopefully produce this year.  And two rows of carrots, about which I was so excited, watching the tops grow and grow.  I couldn't wait to harvest and eat some of the carrots under them.  When I eventually started trying to dig up a couple, there was nothing there.  Greens on top, and no carrots underneath.  None!  What a disappointment.

At the end of the season, we cleared out the garden and readied it for winter.

Last week, Mike was outside doing a little yard work since we've had all this unseasonably warm weather. He was in the garden fertilizing and watering the asparagus, and when he came back inside, he handed this to me:

I was going to give up on growing carrots, but perhaps I'll try again this year!


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