On Saturday, my good friend and former college roommate, T, got married to a great guy. By complete coincidence, she and I were engaged on the same night - Christmas Eve 2005 (well, technically, very early Christmas morning in my case). We enjoyed talking about our weddings as we planned them. She was very supportive to me in the couple of months before my wedding, always there if I needed to vent. I hope I was as supportive to her. In August, she asked if I would play in her wedding - Trumpet Voluntary, as the processional. I was very excited to accept. My degree is a BA in music (concentration in trumpet performance and composition), and I don't perform in public nearly as often as I'd like to anymore.

I took the train out Friday afternoon for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and had a wonderful time meeting T's and her husband, M's, families and some friends I didn't know before. My M took the train out late Friday night after he got out of work and met me at the hotel. Saturday afternoon and evening was the wedding. It was a fabulous wedding, T was just beautiful and they both looked so happy. There was an enormous amount of food, both at cocktail hour and during the reception - I suppose that's all the Italian in both of them! Quite a few of our good friends from college were there, at our table, and it was great to get to spend time with them. Most of them were at my wedding a few months ago, but I didn't have much time to spend with them then.

All of us drank way too much, laughed all night and generally had a wonderful time. I miss them very much and hope that we can come up with more reasons to get together much more often (hint, hint, A&P and A&C)!! On Sunday morning, we met for brunch, along with T&M and their families, in the hotel restaurant. Shortly after, everyone said goodbye and headed home. I am still tired today, but it was completely worth it.


maresi said...

that sounds delightful! we're friends with mostly old(er) people, so not too many weddings anymore. thanks for having yours and making it so much fun!
no relief on my wrist/hand yet. starting a new med tomorrow. how do you deal with it in BOTH wrists?

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