sittin' at the computer, watchin' all the birthdays go by...

I am terrible about sending birthday cards. If I know you in real life, you can be pretty sure I have your birthday marked on my calendar. I may even have an alert that tells me when it's a week away. But you probably don't get a birthday card from me, unless you're in my immediate family. Or if you do, it's probably every two or three years. I am birthday-card-impaired.

I am not sure why this is. I remember birthdays. On the day, I always think about the person. I wish them a happy birthday in my head. I wonder what they're doing and hope they're having fun celebrating. I will probably talk to M about it being my aunt/uncle/cousin/friend's birthday. I want the person to know I am thinking of them. Clearly, the logical way to do that would be to send a card. I want to send birthday cards. And yet, I don't.

Why do I bring this up today? Well, yesterday was my cousin's birthday. She is not only my cousin, but also my good friend, and she's like a sister to me. And not only did she have a birthday, but she turned thirty! Also, I had 30 days notice this time -- go check out her 30 until 30 posts during the month of November, as she counted down to her thirtieth birthday.

So, Maresi? I apologize sincerely for my birthday-card-impaired self. I have no excuses. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Happy birthday!


Ma Ma to 3 said...

Don't feel bad A...we do the same thing here. We think about it and talk about it but never get to the store to find the perfect card. That in itself can be a hard task to get through. There are just so many to have to go through that it is hours upon hours that you can spend in the store looking through cards to find the right one. I am that way with Christmas too. I am seriously hoping this year I do better though. I am hand making all of our Christmas I sure as heck better send them out right! We shall see!

Anonymous said...

its ok amy, i didnt send her a card either, and she is MY sister. i blame it on a pre-senior moment. i did, however, call her and wish her a happy birthday.

maresi said...

Thank you, A!!! I'm the WORST offender when it comes to sending cards myself - I've even blogged practically the same thing before. I had a great day, and I've loved it being stretched out by the late people! Ay, yi, yi!! 30!!!

Anonymous said...'re not alone. I also have that impairment. :)

Unknown said...

aint no thing but a chicken's wing

i've never sent a birthday card in my life!

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