So, here we are at Thanksgiving already, and it appears I've been slacking. We've been quite busy. A good friend and former college roommate, A, came up from central Pennsylvania and spent the day two weekends ago. I took her into Manhattan, where she'd never been before, and we saw Rockefeller Center (the tree is up!) and Times Square. Mainly, though, we did a lot of catching up. It was wonderful to spend time with her. A couple days later, I had lunch with my good friend and another former college roommate, T, whose wedding, you may remember, we attended back in October. I hope we can make it a monthly lunch date, as she comes into the city once a month for a meeting.

This past Sunday, M & I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for a few friends. We had fun and loved having good friends to share it with. M & I cooked & baked all day, ate and enjoyed ourselves, and when everyone left, we cleaned up the kitchen. About an hour into it, I suddenly realized how exhausted I was. I could barely keep my eyes open. I said goodnight to M, and I was sound asleep a few minutes later, by 9:30. I hadn't realized how tired I was! It was completely worth it, though. Now we're eating a fridge full of leftovers. Thursday morning we'll take an early train down to PA to see M's family and have another big Thanksgiving meal. It'll be good to see everyone there.

Right now, my mom is on a plane with 2 of her sisters and their mom, on their way out to California to see their other sister. They're having their own vacation together, inspired by our cousins weekend. They'll spend Thanksgiving and come home on Saturday. I'm sure they'll have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it. Speaking of our cousins weekend, we've got another one planned! This time, they're coming to me, the first weekend in January. It's going to be great fun and I'm really looking forward to it.

As with last Thanksgiving, it is difficult this week to remember the things I have to be thankful for. It seems overpowered by the losses, and by what I don't have. I think of G, and how much I miss him. I think of M's nephew, N, our godson, who we lost two years ago this December. The last time we saw him was that Thanksgiving. I think of the beloved grandparents both M and I have lost over the last couple of years. For me, Thanksgiving brings all those cherished memories to the surface. It is difficult, but necessary, to remember to be thankful for those memories. Thankful for the time we did have with those loved ones. Thankful for each other and for the families and friends we have with us now.

So, this Thanksgiving, I grieve for those we've lost. But I'm also very thankful for my husband, our families and our friends.


maresi said...

I didn't realize I had such command of your brain that you would post on orders from me...

I LOVE YOU, and I think you've got it just right - grieve G, N, Mamie, and others, and be thankful for the wonderful memories you have with them. I miss you and we are THANKFUL for you.

Elena said...

A, you amaze me. You've been through so much, but even in your grief and sadness, you manage to remain so strong. I think you have exactly the right idea about how to handle Thanksgiving; I truly hope you have a happy one.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for you and everyone else in our family, even the ones we don't have here with us anymore... just having them at all is something to be thankful for.

Hope you have safe travels this weekend! Do you think our moms got kicked off the airplane for laughing too hard?

Anonymous said...

We were not kicked off the plane but we might have not been able to take our rental car - fortunately MEL was in control of herself!!! The oldest child, who should have been setting a fine example for her sisters and who should not have embarassed her mother, really lost it in the parking lot. guess who????

Unknown said...

Hey Amy, this is ben. I remember you were a music therapy (i think) major, and I heard an interview on the NPR Fresh Air podcast with a neuroscientist talking about his book about the relationship of music and the brain. Anyways, it's on the 10-18-2007 show, and free at the itunes store.

Anyway, It's good to hear that you're keepin on keepin on. Sounds like you had an eventful week!

The Aunts and The Grandmother were great to have over. It involved many games of yahtzee. I had four games with < 200 points in a row.

Cass said...

i guess i never got to tell you that the food at your free-turkey thanksgiving dinner was fantastic! you and M are quite the cooks. and i enjoyed the take-home cookies very much.

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