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Last weekend, three of my cousins came to spend the weekend with me, for our second semiannual cousins gathering. We had a great time. The 3 days passed way too quickly (though I'm not sure M would agree with me...) and I miss them. During our weekend, we had a bit of a grab bag gift exchange. This wasn't just any gift exchange. It was a leftovers gift exchange. We re-gifted, if you will. I received this little gem from one of my lovely and generous cousins:

It was truly the hit of the weekend. So much so, that I'm not allowed to throw it away... we will be passing it on to the host of each weekend. Which means, A, that you should clear a spot for July... you'll be getting it back for a while! In the meantime, though, it's all mine. And the rules state that I must bring proof of having displayed it in my house to our next gathering.

Anyway, in a bit of a strange coincidence, I received this in the mail today:

But wait, it gets better. It opens up to reveal this must-have poster, printed on the inside of the brochure:

I'm sensing a theme, here. Perhaps it's a sign that I should consider a change of decor in my apartment.


maresi said...

What sources do they cite to back up their claim that it is "The Best Musical. Ever."? Seems to me that to declare that, the reverse of the poster would have a list of experts who've done scientific studies to make this possible.
I mean, A Chorus Line is good, but it's no Evita. Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

I see a bright, sequined future for your apartment. You and M can get some nice bright yellow spandex and tap shoes, and sparkly top hats. You can sing and dance your way around NYC! I can't wait to see the show... ;)

Anonymous said...

I think it means you should take yourself to the streets of NYC where you could audition for Chorus Line!!!! fondly, gg

anna said...

God, that plate. I can't wait to get it back.

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