who died and made a chorus line the best musical ever, anyway?

Mo*reezy (one of the cousins in attendance, but not the one that came bearing my fabulous plate) wondered aloud in the comments of my last post what sources they cite to make the claim that A Chorus Line is "The Best Musical. Ever." Upon closer inspection of the poster, she discovered this:


maresi said...

for anyone wondering, if you save this photo to your computer (by right-clicking on it) you'll be able to read the footnotes. I highly recommend doing so.

Anonymous said...

Definitely read the fine print. It becomes much clearer as to how they developed that outrageous claim!

And, A - bagpipes? Really?


Anonymous said...

I believe the real defining moment in chorus line history was made at Reg. 7 in the spring of 1991.

Green said...

A Chorus Line is definitely the best ever. So is Rent.

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