phoenix and also ben affleck

It is COLD. I think it was 17 this morning on my walk to the train. Which takes me right up along the Hudson River, which conveniently involves approximately 1,047 MPH winds. And I forgot my hat so I was holding my gloved hands over my hears the entire way. But I'm not complaining, because I'm flying to Phoenix this afternoon, where it is a high of 80 degrees for the next few days! YAY! I packed flip-flops and I got a pedicure yesterday after work! One of my second cousins is getting married tomorrow evening. I am staying in a rented house with a bunch of other family and it's going to be fun. And WARM. Oh, I cannot wait.

Also, you may remember this post in which I mentioned the hilarious video made by Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon. Well, on his post-Oscar show, Jimmy Kimmel debuted his response to that video. Go watch it. And while you're at it, watch the Sarah Silverman video again. I've probably watched it 6 or 7 times. Can't stop laughing at it. Anyway, the Jimmy Kimmel one is funny, too, and filled with loads of random people - pay particular attention to the FedEx guy!


Anonymous said...

Did you have a good trip? I bet it was great to see the sun!!! I'm certainly jealous!

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