vote (for obama) and also matt damon

If you live in one of the 24 states holding a primary today, GO VOTE! M & I went before work this morning, because he may not get out of work in time to vote this evening. There wasn't a big crowd, but there was a steady flow of people coming through to vote.

And also, you should go watch this video of comedian Sarah Silverman on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week. They have been dating for a few years and Sarah Silverman made this parody video and brought it on his show to play it for him. It's hilarious. And I love that Matt Damon helped her make it. (WARNING: Not work-friendly or kid-friendly.)


maresi said...

Timon and I LOVED that video when we saw it last week. Isn't it GREAT that Matt Damon is so flippin' funny? I heart him. But you're right, it's neither work- nor kid- nor SOME PEOPLE'S MOTHER'S-friendly. (get that hint, Mom?!?)

Anonymous said...

I NEVER watch late night tv, but was up last Thursday because we had a snow day Friday, and happened to catch this clip - it's hysterical! I'm so glad you all are enjoying it too!

Elena said...

That's hilarious! I hadn't seen that before, thanks for sharing! I usually like Sarah Silverman, she's a funny gal.

maresi said...

Have you seen the follow-up video with Ben Affleck? OH MY STARS. I have 2 words:


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