monday randomness

*The weather was absolutely gorgeous last week. This rainy, chilly mess is disgusting.

*I want a piano. M wants a plasma tv for the bedroom. I wonder which one of us will win?

*21 is a good movie. I forgot how much I like Kevin Spacey.

*How can I learn to be a super math genius and make hundreds of thousands of dollars counting cards in Vegas?

*On further reflection, maybe that's not such a hot idea.

*I am so sick of packing/organizing/cleaning I could throw up. T minus 12 days until we move. No free weekends left between now and then.

*Fenway Park this coming Saturday to see the Red Sox beat Tampa!

*If Amtrak thinks I will pay over $400 for M and me to take coach seats on a non-Acela train to Boston and back, they are out of their ever-loving minds.

*The Chinatown bus should be interesting. I'm told the one between Philadelphia and New York tends to have crazy-ass drivers.


maresi said...

Ay yi yi. Hopefully the Sox will do better at home then they did here against the Rays. I was of two minds the other night seeing our dome lit up orange, signifying the Rays win against them. It's nice to have the hometown team win, but of course I love the Sox.

I vote piano. I'm sure M will take that under serious consideration for .5 nanoseconds.

When you figure out how to count cards, I will be on your team. I've always wanted to wear wigs and disguises and spend the weekend in giant suites with views of the Vegas Strip.

Cass said...

i didn't know you guys were moving! can i dare to hope...brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

You are moving?? where? when? do you need help? How was boston? my uncle lives there and LOVES it!
I will try to call you this week!

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