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We moved! Actually, we moved almost 3 weeks ago. But we have been busy. We are almost entirely unpacked (more unpacked, in fact, than we ever were in our year in the last apartment) and we've done most of the decorating, too! We also bought a new camera, a digital SLR, and have been trying to get the hang of it before we go on vacation in two weeks to celebrate our first anniversary. We'll be spending 3 days in a cabin in Yosemite National Park and 4 days in San Francisco. I am so excited.

But, this was supposed to be about our new apartment. We stayed in our building, actually, and just moved to a bigger apartment one floor down. We're really happy with the space. And! We have two bathrooms. And a washer & dryer. We had a washer & dryer in the last apartment here too, but it is still very! exciting!

On moving weekend, my parents and M's parents offered to paint while we started the moving process. We got the keys at 9am, gave them the paint, and they had both rooms we'd planned to paint (living room and our bedroom) by 1pm! They even offered to paint the 2nd bedroom, so naturally, we took them up on it. They did such a great job and I'm so happy to have an apartment that isn't standard white walls.

Anyway, on to some pictures. Our kitchen is still small, but it's a little bigger than before, with more counter space. It makes a big difference.

The living room is about 5 feet deeper than our old one, but the same shape and with the same bay windows as we used to have. The biggest difference here, though, is that we used to have a very large gas-powered fireplace sticking out several feet into the room and taking up a wall. I'm so glad we don't have that here.

But I do miss the mantel space, so I had M put up a shelf... he's a bit nervous that it will fall out of the wall onto the TV (we had a fiasco with a bathroom cabinet crashing down off the wall in the last apartment...), but hopefully not!

This is one of my favorite things... I made a little reading nook at the end of the living room under the bay windows.

An extra room. Oh, the space!

My little music nook. I'm so glad to have my keyboard back, now that we have space for it, although I wish it was a real piano. I'm now trying to regain the minimal piano skills I used to have, with not much luck but I'm having fun! And we're in sort of a corner location now where I can practice trumpet without feeling like I'm disturbing the neighbors as much.

I love the yellow color in the bedroom. Don't mind the messy job of making the bed. Perhaps I should have considered that before taking photos of it? Oh well.

The other side of the bedroom, leading to our closet & bathroom & washer & dryer. And that cube shelf unit thing? Totally a dumpster dive. Someone had put it out in the parking lot by the dumpster and it was in great condition! So we were trying to haul it inside and some guy walking by took pity on me and carried it all the way to the elevator. He was so nice.

I couldn't be happier with how fast everything came together and how much help our parents & M's sister & her husband were. We like the apartment and love the paint colors.

We're going to Philly this weekend to meet M's parents, his sister & her husband, and her husband's parents for a Phillies game Saturday evening. We decided to spend the weekend, since we haven't been back in a while. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope the weather this weekend is as nice as last weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your new home looks great! We are moving hopefully next weekend so I hope our move goes so smoothly.

Your vacation plans sound great! Have a great time and enjoy playing with your new SLR camera. What type did you get?

maresi said...

more than anything you own - more than your awesome tv, more than your amazing coffee table/eating station, more than that gorgeous star mirror on your wall (WHO gave that to you? They ROCK!) I want your freaking CAMERA! Pretty please, bring it to CT in July so I can play?

How could you deny a pregnant woman in severe pain this simple joy?

Anonymous said...

I didn't see your gorgeous "hostess plate" on display anywhere... perhaps it is already packed and ready to return to the giver in July?

Your apartment looks great - I love the colors you picked! Hope you're having a great time in PA this weekend :)
--love, K

Anonymous said...

it looks so cute and roomy. Congrats on the new place!!

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