want to know how my morning has been so far?

I just sent the following to the Dunkin' Donuts online customer service:

I was just served the most disgusting bagel I've ever eaten. I requested a plain bagel, toasted, with butter and jelly. It came out ice cold and barely toasted. There were about 4 tablespoons of butter slathered onto the exact middle of the bagel, and a tiny amount of jelly squirted on top of that. It was absolutely foul, I couldn't even scrape off enough butter to make it palatable. I took one bite and threw the entire bagel out. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I am well aware that Dunkin' Donuts does not do a great job with bagels. They always either barely toast them or burn them, and they put too much butter on. But I stop occasionally because they are half a block from my office. This morning, though, it was above and beyond disgusting. From now on, I will walk further to the deli with good bagels and decent service when I want a bagel. At least until my office moves to the financial district next month, when I'll have to search for an entirely new bagel place. But for today, I'm just hungry and annoyed.


maresi said...

I've actually had decent luck with Bagels from DD (I order a Bacon Egg & Cheese on an Everything bagel), but once I had a plain donut from DD (and I actually blogged about it at the time) that wasn't cooked all the way through, which I discovered after taking a bite. Gross. Sorry that was your experience.

Anonymous said...

I miss bagels - there aren't a lot of places around here for them! AND, I now am craving a great DD donut with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles (NOT jimmies, that's a weird name!) Krispy Kreme is good too, but not quite the same...

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