back from vacation

I'm back. Vacation was very relaxing. We ate at Champlin's a grand total of three nights. I had a swan at the Olympia Tea Room two days in a row. I came home with two new pairs of flip-flops. I played Yahtzee, Ladderball and Uno Attack. I went swimming, biking, running, kayaking, clam digging and snorkeling. I spent hours reading on the beach.

M had several colleagues out of the office last week so he wasn't able to join us. After dinner Wednesday (my birthday), we were playing Uno Attack when he walked in the front door! The week ended up being basically free of work for him, so he called my parents for directions, rented a car and drove up to surprise me and spend the rest of the week with us. I was so shocked to see him walk in the door and it was a great way to end my birthday.

Another highlight of the trip was learning that the Ocean House is being rebuilt. The Ocean House was a very old, vast and beautiful hotel on the waterfront in Watch Hill. My Gram and Grandpa used to bring all six of their kids there for vacation, and I've heard so many stories about it. She, my mom and I went 6 or 7 years ago and stayed there for one night, so that they could show it to me and so they could see how it's holding up. It was falling apart. One whole floor was closed off because it was a firetrap. The rooms were deteriorating and the hallways were narrow and falling apart. I loved it. I loved the old style, the history and the elevator still run by an elevator operator. But the owners couldn't keep it up anymore, and it was unsafe and decaying too fast. It was torn down a year or two ago, with reports and rumors that the land would be sold of for condos.

Last week, we drove by it, afraid of the cookie-cutter condos we would most likely see going up in its place. But when we pulled up next to it, a building had been framed and was under construction -- in the exact location, shape and size of the former Ocean House. It has been saved and is being rebuilt to look exactly the way it was, though it will include some residences in addition to the hotel rooms. I was thrilled to see that and am thrilled at the prospect of being able to take my future kids there one day. It is slated to open in 2010 and I am looking forward to checking in on its progress next year.

And now I'm back to the routine here. So far, working downtown has held no surprises, at least as far as the commute and the neighborhood. The crowds are absolutely maddening and I just can't get used to that. I've already found a good tossed salad bar. My commute is exactly the same amount of time. So, nothing major to report on that front.

And finally -- our niece was born yesterday! M's sister had her baby yesterday, a beautiful and perfect little girl. We are looking forward to a visit with his family this weekend. I can't wait to snuggle her!


maresi said...

That M. He is a keeper. What a great birthday surprise!

Can we all join you in RI in 2010?

Thais said...

I am so happy about your niece!!! Any pictures?

Katherine said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip. And, I'm jealous that you got one more great vacation with family before fall! But mostly glad you had a good time :)

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